Thursday, May 24, 2012

Only the beginning...

We had such a busy March and April, and really even the beginning of May. Between races, volleyball, Dave working late and a pile of golf tournaments, visits from friends and family, and swimming lessons for Dylan it seemed like every night of the week and most weekends were busy with some activity. Add me being pregnant and super tired to that and you get very few blog posts!

I had signed a team up for a long awaited, and finally found, spring sand volleyball league. I have been looking for a rec sand volleyball league since we moved to Knoxville. I was so excited to finally find a rec league and actually have some people that wanted to play, but then we found out I was pregnant. The doctor cleared me to play, but I was so exhausted after work on Monday nights I only made it to watch a few times. I vow that next spring I will play though! (as long as I can get a team together!) Our team did great and had to put up with a lot of frustration with people not showing up and usually only having 4 people and the other teams having 6.

Next, swimming lessons for Dylan. Dylan generally likes the water, he has fun at the lake when we go with Andrew and Nina, he does spend a quite a bit of time in the boat shooting squirt guns at people, but he also will get in the water with Brandon and Andrew too. He also likes going over to our neighbors pool. I knew he would probably be a little freaked out at the first lesson since it was at a new place and people he didn't know. But I figured it wouldn't be that bad because both Dave and I would be in the water with him. I was wrong, I think he cried through the whole first lesson, but then when he got out of the water at the end, he said "that was fun!". Maybe he had just lost it by then. But gradually, week by week, the lessons got better, there were less tears and we could tell he was more relaxed in the water. By the last lesson Dylan was doing great, jumping off the platform and going underwater. A few parents even told me that they couldn't believe how well he was doing. Dylan was by far the oldest in the class. The younger kids adapted much quicker. I will certainly start #2's swimming lessons much earlier.

I am looking forward to a much calmer (hopefully) summer. June will be busy for me at work and Dave will be starting more tournaments again in June. We are hoping to squeeze a trip to Savannah to visit friends in July. Dylan is signed up for gymnastics classes starting next Tuesday, so the cycle will begin again. I think it will be better than the past few months though, I am less tired and with only one scheduled event a week we should be able to survive. I guess this is just a break-in period for me, I know our nights and weekends will get busier and Dylan and #2 get older and involved in more activities, and honestly I can't wait!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Another first

Dylan had his first trip to the dentist last week! After reading all the terrible things in the news about kids having lots of cavities when they are young I thought we should probably get Dylan to the dentist and have his teeth checked out. Dylan doesn't eat many sweets, but he does like apple juice (still mixed with water) and the occasional chocolate milk. We didn't need to worry though, the dentist said Dylan's teeth looked great! Dave and I have both been blessed with good teeth, I didn't have my first cavity until I was in high school and I don't know if Dave even has one. Neither of us needed braces either. I am hoping the good fortune continues for Dylan! Dave said Dylan did great, he listened to the hygienist and dentist and did what he was told. His only worry was if the fluoride would hurt and when he was told it wouldn't he was ok!

Nashville and Pittsburgh Marathons

I am more than a little behind in posting considering the Nashville Rock and Roll Marathon was almost a month ago, and the Pittsburgh marathon was on May 5th (Bob's bday!). I think it was fitting that Dave ran in Pittsburgh on Bob's birthday considering Bob is from just outside Pittsburgh. Dave and Andrew also ate at the "almost world famous" Primanti Brothers and of course send photos of their delicious food to Bob. I am not sure if that was the birthday present he was looking for!

Anyway, back to the marathons. Nashville was hot as usual. However, since Nina and I are now experts at navigating cities where our husbands are running marathons we did excellent. We also went to the same places as we did last year, that may have been a factor in our excellent navigation.

I can't forget to mention that Andrew rode his BIKE to Nashville from Knoxville and then ran the marathon. I think it was about 180 miles that he did before he even ran the marathon! And he still finished the marathon in around 4 hours. CRAZY!!

Dave pulled a muscle in his back as he was getting out of the car in Nashville. He wasn't sure he was going to be able to run the race considering he couldn't stand up straight. Luckily a little TLC from Andrew's mom and myself got him loosened up enough to run the race. And he still did great finishing under 4:30!

DSC_0038 DSC_0065 DSC_0075 DSC_0094 DSC_0141 DSC_0168

These guys amaze me every race! Seriously, they just keep getting better and powering through no matter the conditions.

With only a weeks break between Nashville and Pittsburgh there wasn't much recovery time for Dave or Andrew. Andrew's sister lives in Pittsburgh so Dave and Andrew were lucky enough to have a free place to stay again!

DSC03102 DSC03108 DSC03092

Six marathons down, six to go! Way to go guys!!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Children's Festival of Reading

Dylan and I spent Saturday morning at the Market Square Farmer's Market and the Children's Festival Reading. It's hard to believe this is the third year we have went to the Festival. I don't remember Dylan being that small the first time we attended the festival. Dylan had a great time playing in the bounce house, bubbles and with the water activities. I think his favorite was playing in the huge splash pad/fountain at World's Fair Park. We also stopped by the Yacht Club Sailing School where Dylan got to practice pulling in a sail and the Young Williams Animal Center to play a few games. Our last stop for the day was face painting. This was the first time Dylan had his face painted and he loved it.
DSC_0043 DSC_0041 DSC_0035 DSC_0036 DSC_0050