Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Two-fer Tuesday

Grandma Julie, Grandpa Dave and Dylan.

Dylan playing with his workbench he got from his Grandparents for his birthday.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Crazy busy

Things are finally starting to slow down at our house. We had family in town from August 11-23rd. It was great to see my mom, Dave's mom, my sister and her husband and my dad and step-mom, but it was BUSY! We had Dylan's birthday party on Saturday, August 14th at the Cove at Concord Park. It was a great morning and not too hot. Dylan had a great time running around playing and chasing the ducks. His friend Tyler also came to the party so he had fun playing with him too. Dylan was a big boy and blew out the two candles on his Elmo cake all by himself! He also had a lot of fun opening his many presents.

The rest of the time the family was in town we just took it easy and hung out at our house. We did put my mom and Dave's mom to work painting our kitchen on Monday and it turned out great. It's called Cabin red (thanks Chad and Meredith!) and we like it much better than the green that was previously in the kitchen. Now we just need to find time to paint our bedroom and the hallways!

It was so nice to have help with Dylan during the time that we had our family in town. We are pretty self reliant most of the time, but when we have family in town we pawn Dylan off on them :) Luckily they don't mind. Unfortunately Dave came down with a nasty sore throat so our week of date nights didn't happen. We did make it out one night for drinks which was nice. Mom and I also went to Chez Guavara one night and had a great time talking and catching up.

This week we have been catching our breath and getting a few things done around the house.

Tomorrow night we are heading over to Bob and Melea's to help them pack for Savannah. Bob got an awesome new job as the Director of Golf at Savannah Quarters Golf Club, so sadly him and Melea will be moving to Savannah soon. Bob is actually starting work on Monday and moving most of their stuff down there on Saturday. Melea will be staying in Knoxville until at least the wedding or longer depending on if she can rent or sell her condo (so if you know of anyone looking to rent a condo in a great location let me know and I'll pass it on to her!).

Saturday Dylan and I are heading to the Zoo to see "Big Trucks". I'm not sure what big trucks will be there, but it's been forever since we've been to the zoo since it's been so hot so I am really looking forward to it!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Two-fer Tuesday

I know my posts have been lacking lately, but we've been so busy with family in town the past few weeks I haven't had time to get anything done! I'll get a re-cap of the family visit and Dylan's birtday party up soon!

Here are your Two-Fer Tuesday photos for this week!

Dylan eating cake at his 1st birthday party.

and at his 2nd birthday party.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Monday, August 16, 2010

Two years old

Dear Dylan,

I can not believe you are two years old today. I know everyone says that the time really does go fast after you have children and now I know what they are talking about. It seems like just yesterday we brought you home from the hospital and wondered what we would do to get through the night (although not so much the past week). A lot has changed since we first brought you home. Now you sleep from 8pm to 7am, I never thought that would happen. You love to go outside (you always have, even when you were a little baby) if you can be outside hitting golf balls, riding your bike or playing in your sandbox you are happy. You love to help around the house and help water plants and just play in the water. You are getting better at playing nicely with the cats. Peek-a-boo is your favorite cat to play with and pet. You've just learned how to say "Pepper". When you see Kobe you say "Bee, Bee, Bee, Yo, Yo, Yo" and run after her, she doesn't enjoy this, but you do and it makes Dad and I laugh.

You love playing with other kids, but you also have starting hitting other kids. Your Dad and I are trying to teach you that you shouldn't hit other people, but so far it isn't working too well. We are really hoping this phase passes quickly. You are such a sweet and friendly boy most of the time, you love to say Hi to everyone you see when we are out shopping.

You also have a lot to say, it amazes me everyday to hear all the words you are saying and sentences you are putting together. You've almost got Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, Baa Baa Black Sheep and The ABC's down. You also really like to sing and act out "The Wheels on the Bus".

Two of your favorite things right now are fire trucks and horses. When I take you to daycare in the morning I make sure we drive past either the horses that are just off Kingston Pike or the Fire Station on Parkside Drive. After we pass the Fire trucks or horses you always say "more fire truck" or "more neigh" (you don't say horse, just what the horse says "neigh").

Soon you'll be sleeping in a big boy bed, potty training and riding a bike. I'm looking forward to every minute if it. I'm trying to do a better job of taking the time to sit and play with you instead of trying to get a million things done around the house. I promise I'll get better at that, I do have lots of fun playing games with you.

I can't wait to see what the next year will bring for us.



then and now

Happy 2nd Birthday Dylan!

Dylan, a few days old.

At Dylan's 2nd birthday party.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Elmo Cake

Here is the Elmo cake that my mom and I decorated for Dylan's 2nd birthday party yesterday. More pictures and a post about the party are on the way!

Monday, August 9, 2010

I told you I caught a fish

Fish I caught at the girls weekend in July!

The weekend and week ahead

We had a great weekend, Dave had Saturday off so we headed out early to run some errands. Our first stop was Dick's Sporting Goods so Dave could spend some of his birthday money, which he did an excellent job of doing. Then it was off to the Farmer's Market. However, this week we ventured farther west to the Dixie Lee Junction Farmer's Market. It's a smaller farmers market than the Market Square Farmers Market, but we did manage to purchase some fresh Tennessee peaches and squash. After the Farmers Market we made a trip to Target, which was brave of us considering it was Tennessee's tax free shopping weekend. Surprisingly the store wasn't too crowded, except for the school supplies section. I did have to grab a few school supplies for Dylan to take to daycare (crayons, watercolors, glue and kleenex) but I was able to grab those easily and meet up with Dylan and Dave.
We had a great lunch at Pimento Cafe. Dave had his usual, pimento cheese with turkey and I had a turkey Reuben, both really good sandwiches. Dylan had a grilled cheese and chips, I think he only had about two bites of the sandwich and then just ate chips. And drank milk, that kid loves his milk and juice (well, mostly water with a little juice). He would just drink beverages all day if we didn't limit them and have him eat.
The rest of our day was pretty low key, Dave also got a new pair of running shoes and we got take out from Famous Daves.

Our week is pretty busy though, Carolyn comes into town on Wednesday night, my mom, Judy, gets here on Thursday night and Dana and Paul come into town on Friday. We are celebrating Dylan's birthday on Saturday at the Cove at Concord Park. It's a great park on the lake and has a large playground, lots of trees and fun things to do. We went to a birthday party there a few months ago and Dylan had a great time. I am going to be making Dylan an Elmo cake for his birthday so wish me luck, hopefully the decorating will turn out ok!

What do you have planned for your week?

Friday, August 6, 2010

Big boy bed?

Dave and I have been throwing around the idea of getting Dylan a big boy bed. What do you guys think? Is it too early? Dylan still seems to like his crib and isn't able to climb out of it yet, so maybe we are rushing things. Also, how do we keep him in the big boy bed once that's his bed? I think he just might climb out of it and play in his room all night if he isn't confined to a crib. He's never slept in a bed before and he just plays on our bed (but does pretend to nap on it). We just think that he is out growing the crib and since he will be two next week maybe now is the time to move him up to a big boy bed. And what size bed do we buy? A twin, full size? So many questions!

Any advice anyone has would be much appreciated!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

9 years...

Dave's cousin Brad would have been 31 today. Dave and I met right after Brad was killed in an accident so I never had the privilege to meet him. But from all of the stories I have heard I know we would have gotten along great. Brad played football at Simpson College, had a great group of friends and family and lived life to the fullest. He was 21 when he died on Mother's Day. I don't know how his parents and sister go on everyday with out him, but they do. Brenda (Brad's sister) has done an amazing job of telling her kids who their uncle Brad was and now he is in heaven with God. We know Brad and Marvin are having a great time in heaven and that Brad was there to welcome Marvin when he died last year.

Brenda started a great tradition a few years ago and buys balloons every year on Brad's birthday and let's them go. We thought it was a great idea and bought balloons for Marvin's birthday in April and decided to buy them for Brad's birthday today to celebrate for him (by having a beer too!).
So Happy Birthday Brad! You are missed and thought about everyday.

The balloons flying away!

Dave and Dylan watching the balloons.