Tuesday, June 26, 2012

It's a Girl!

We found out that baby #2 is a girl this morning! Dylan was sure he was having a sister and he was right!

The ultrasound went great. We got to see the little girls heart (and all four chamber, valves pumping away), legs and arms (the tech commented that they were long, so maybe she's going to be tall?), brain, feet, and hands. We also got a few 3D photos, since our little girl is only 14 oz right now the 3D photo is a little skeletal looking, but it's still amazing what you can see.

We can't wait to meet her!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Boy or Girl?

Tomorrow morning we will find out if baby #2 is a boy or a girl! 

Anyone have any guesses as to if baby #2 will be a boy or girl? Dylan keeps telling me he is going to have a little sister. What do you guys think?

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Baby #2

Sorry, not the best ultrasound photo, Dave took a picture of it with
his IPod. You can see the head on the right, with baby #2's hand just
above his/her nose and then the belly towards the left. I'm pretty
sure he/she is waving hello. 
I haven't written anything about baby #2 other than a quick pregnancy announcement thrown into my Charleston post. This pregnancy has been as uneventful as Dylans was; really no morning sickness, a very tired first 12-14 weeks and constant hunger. Seriously, weeks 8-12 were the worst, I was starving all the time. I would eat and feel like I hadn't eaten anything, it was awful.

I've been feeling some small flutters the past few weeks, mostly at night just before bed. The flutters are wreaking havoc on my bladder, I was up three times last night to go the bathroom!

We will find out June 26th if we will be having a boy or girl. For the most part I really don't have any feelings either way. However, at the beginning I was leaning more towards a boy, I feel like I know what to expect with a boy, we have some boy stuff (although not much, we got rid of almost everything since baby #2 was a surprise), it would be nice for Dylan to have a brother. But, I've been asking Dylan if he thinks he will have a little brother or sister and he keeps telling me a sister. I have to admit a little girl would be fun too. There are some seriously cute girl clothes out there and another girl in the family would be nice.

Since we got rid of basically everything but Dylan's car seat and stroller (but we did get ride of the bases), crib, pack n' play, changing table, etc. we have to start over getting all that stuff. I did find a pack n' play with a newborn napper on craigslist that we got a few weeks ago. I've also realized that we don't really need that much stuff. If all we got were the car seat bases before baby #2 arrives (other than a few clothes, diapers and wipes) we would be fine. I wouldn't have believed that when I was pregnant with Dylan.

We/I also need to decide if I want to try for a VBAC or have another c-section. I always think the scheduled c-sections are strange. I thought it would be weird to know when the baby would be born, but since we don't have family in town it would be nice to have some idea when the baby would be coming so we could have grandma or grandpa stay with us to help with Dylan. (and I could get my tubes tied, a 2 for 1) But...the recovery from a c-section blows, I am sure recovery from a VBAC wouldn't be a picnic, but it's got to beat getting sliced open and put back together again. Luckily, I've got time to decide and even if I go with the VBAC I could still end up having a c-section. I'm not one of those people who's got the birth plan, etc. Whatever happens, happens, in the end I will be happy either way.

Anyone else out there had a VBAC after a c-section, how did it go?

Starting to catch up!

I promise a real post soon... here are some photos of what we've been up to the past few weeks!
Dave and Andrew after finishing their 6th marathon this year in Pittsburgh!
Face painting at the Children's Festival of Reading
Playing in the fountain at World's Fair Park

Skateboarding with dad.
Marker on the bathroom wall and sink...Thank you magic eraser for cleaning that up for us!