Saturday, December 29, 2012

Complete! 12 marathons in 2012!

Dave's 12 marathons of 2012 are complete! He actually finished his 12th marathon on 12-12-12 in Sarasota, FL. He ran 58 laps on a greenway for the 12-12-12 marathon in Sarasota.

The Saturday before that he ran the Huntsville Marathon with Andrew. Huntsville was Andrew's 12th marathon of 2012. He brought all his medals from the other 11 races and took and awesome photo with all his medals on his arms after the race.

Huntsville was Harper's first marathon and she was a trooper, she's already taking after her big brother! It was fun to be at a marathon again, there is such a great energy at the races.

I am so proud of Dave for completing his goal of running 12 marathons this year. He ran the last 3 marathons in 10 days and ran over 800 miles this year! Here are photos from the Huntsville Marathon:

  DSC_0015DSC_0018 DSC_0020 DSC_0034 DSC_0041 DSC_0038 DSC_0048 DSC_0053 DSC_0058

Saturday, December 1, 2012


Dylan was so excited to go see Santa today. We went to the Shops at Franklin Square's Annual Christmas Festival to see Santa. It was a great event, they had crafts for the kids, a bounce house, carolers and of course, Santa! Dylan told him his very long Christmas list. Harper slept through the whole thing, but we did manage to get photos of both of them visiting Santa!


Sunday, November 11, 2012


She's here!

Harper Elizabeth Vannier
November 2, 2012
7.5 lbs

We made it home from the hospital on Monday afternoon. Dylan has been a great big brother, helping out when he can. He loves to "pet" her head and sings Rock-a-bye Baby to her when she cries.
My recovery is going well. I think I only have another night or two of sleeping in the recliner!
I know everyone says all babies are different and Harper and Dylan are certainly proving that true. While Dylan stuck to the same eating schedule for two months (every two hours, it was awful). Harper eats every 3 or 4 hours and then will some times eat every hour. She sleeps pretty well and we are hoping that will continue to improve!
We have had a few visitors since we have been home and Dave was lucky enough to be able to stay home for a week after Harper arrived and Grandma Carolyn has been here since before we went to the hospital. She has been a great help taking care of Dylan, taking him to gymnastics, school and other activities. My mom will be here next week and say for a week and then my dad will be here in December. We are also excited to have Dave's cousin Brenda coming to stay with us the first week I go back to work in January!
If you haven't stopped by to visit and want to let us know! We love having visitors!
Here is a slideshow of photos from the past week.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Children's Museum of Oak Ridge

When my mom visited us in July she took Dylan to the Children's Museum of Oak Ridge. I hadn't even heard of the museum until we got a coupon for a free childrens entry at the Farragut 4th of July parade. I looked the museum up online and it looked like a place Dylan would love. And I was right, he did, he talked about it for days after he went with Grandma and still remembered it when I asked him if he wanted to go again this past weekend.
He loves the life size dollhouse, train, and rocket rooms. There is really stuff to do for kids of all ages and adults. The museum is in an old elementary school building and is huge. I would definitely recommend if you have kids and live in the Knoxville/Oak Ridge/East TN area to plan a visit!

Checking out the rocket
One of my favorite signs/billboards from when Oak Ridge was the "Secret City".
"Hello, Grandma?"
Putting on a puppet show...
Making lunch in the dollhouse kitchen
The back of the dollhouse. 
It's perfectly child size. Dylan opening the door at the dollhouse. 
The train engine just outside of the train room. 

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Already a runner...

Dylan has started to ask Dave if he can go running with him. Usually Dave meets his running group, so it's out of the question for Dylan to go run with them. However, sometimes Dave just runs from our house. Dylan really wanted to go with him a few weeks ago, so I suggested they run around our neighborhood before Dave went out on his actual run.
Dylan had such a great time. As I am sure you know he is super active and unless he is watching tv he is moving. He did a great job running with Dave and even made it up the steep hills in our neighborhood.

DSC_0062 DSC_0065 DSC_0074

Pumpkin Farm!

We had a great time at Oakes Farm again this year. They expanded their "Back 40" area to include more activities for the kids. Dylan LOVED the kids corn maze and went through it with Dave multiple times. We also watched the staff shoot a pumpkin from the cannon, played in the bounce house, visited the petting zoo and went down the slides. It was a busy afternoon and we all had a great time. We even got a pumpkin!

On the hay rack ride to pick out a pumpkin!

Are we there yet?
Dylan found one!
See my stomach isn't that huge, if the pumpkin covers it up it can't be that big!
We found our pumpkin!
Dylan's favorite part, the corn maze!
Consulting the map. 

Monday, October 22, 2012

Dance Party

Dylan (aka Captain America) had a great time with his friends Brandon (Scooby Doo) and Andrew (Darth Vader) at the Boo at the Zoo dance party!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Chicago Marathon

Marathon #8 is in the books! Dave and Andrew headed up to Chicago on Friday, October 5th for the 35th Annual Bank of American Chicago Marathon. They ran the race for Team Salute and both raised over $600 (each) for the charity (a big thank-you to everyone who donated!)! On Saturday they went to McCormick Place for packet pick up (along with the 45,000 other people running the race!). They also attended a Team Salute luncheon and were able to meet some of the people that would be in their start corral and hear inspiring stories from soldiers that Team Salute has helped.

All of the guys stayed with my sister, Dana and her husband, Paul. Dana even cooked for them on Saturday night! :) Paul was nice enough to get up at the crack of dawn and drive them to the starting point of the race too. Generally the guys are running a little behind on race mornings even after preparing the night before. It was also the coldest weather they have run a race in. Omaha was also cold, but not as cold as Chicago. Cold is definitely better to run the race in though, so I don't think they were complaining too much.

This race was tougher than Omaha, I don't think the course was more difficult though. Dave had problems the entire race, he was not feeling well for some reason. (I am hoping he isn't contagious!) However, he did seem to recover after the race and on Sunday night. The guys went to eat at a favorite place of ours, The Bad Apple Bar. They have the BEST burger menu and a huge selection of beers. Their fried cheese is also the best I've ever had. If you're in Chicago, it's a place you don't want to miss!
(Thanks to Paul and Dana for the photos!)


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Omaha Marathon

I figured I had better get this post up before Dave leaves for the Chicago marathon on Friday!

 The Omaha Marathon was Sunday, September 23rd. Dave and Andrew arrived in Omaha the Thursday before the race and were entertained by Kyle and Amie and other family and friends until race day. Andrew was able to experience such Midwestern specialties as a swamp dog donkey burger in Neola, as well as actual cuisine at M's Pub in Omaha. I'm glad they took him to M's Pub first ;)

On to the marathon, along with Dave and Andrew, Dave's friend from high school, Andrew (I know another Andrew, we'll call him Andy for this post) also ran the marathon. The weather was perfect for the marathon, cool to start off, in the 40's and then warming up to the 60's by the time they finished. It was certainly much cooler than these guys are used to, but it worked in their favor, Andrew and Andy had personal bests in the race! Andrew ran his race in 3:40 and Andy shaved 20 minutes off his time from his first marathon! Dave came in 2 minutes past his personal best at 4:09, which is still awesome. The next race is Chicago on Sunday, good luck guys!

 Here are some photos from the race (thanks Sherrie and Carolyn!) 014 Sept 2012 015 053 Sept 2012 019 Sept 2012 021 Sept 2012 020

Tball photos!

Dylan had team and individual tball photos last Saturday before his game. While he was a ham before the photos were taken (and of course while I was taking photos) he did listen to the photographer when it was time to smile for the camera.
Here are a few of my photos:

image image image

Friday, September 21, 2012

Six down, six to go

After a busy winter and spring of running marathons Dave took a couple of months off during the summer. There aren't many marathons in the summer and even the late April, early May ones are HOT to run in. Can you imagine running a marathon in July? I can't imagine running a marathon at all, so one in July sounds especially awful.
Here's a re-cap of what marathons Dave (and Andrew) have run so far this year(if you would like to go back to the post about a particular race the links are below)

Myrtle Beach

Coming up this fall:

Omaha (this Sunday, September 23rd)
Savannah (Andrew only as it is the weekend before my due date!)

So, Dave needs to find another race to run this fall to get his 12 in 12 months. The Charlotte Marathon is Nov. 17th and there is also one in NC on October 27th. The one on October 27th makes me a little nervous, that is a little close to my due date...

Dylan and I think the baby will be early, but Dylan did tell me that she would come after my birthday. I am hoping for a Nov. 6th or 7th arrival as Carolyn won't be here until Nov. 5th. We will see how that goes since I really don't have any control over when this (nameless still) baby arrives!

Oh, back to the marathons, that's what this post is supposed to be about right?! Dave and Andrew headed up to Omaha a little early, they are staying with Carolyn. Dave has already exposed Andrew to interesting dining in Neola and the Old Market. Today they are golfing with friends and then tonight going to Kyle and Amie's house warming. Dave always tries to pack in as much as he can when he is back in Iowa, hopefully he doesn't get worn out before the race on Sunday.

It goes without saying, but if you can make it to any of the races to cheer these guys on they would love it. Dave always tells me how much it helps him to see people that he knows cheering him on throughout the race. Nina and I have become experts and strategically placing ourselves throughout the race courses so if you have any questions on where to watch let us know! Also, the Omaha marathon looks super easy to be a spectator at, the race course basically runs 13 miles south and then 13 miles north all within a few blocks of each other. Here's the race map, I would suggest printing it out if you are going to the race and any parking info and road closures.

I am hoping I can get some photos from Dave's family that will be attending the race (hint, hint) and will be able to post them next week!

Good luck Dave and Andrew!!

Monday, September 17, 2012

First T-ball Game

Dylan had his first tball game last Tuesday. Dave and I had so much fun watching all the kids. Some did a good job of paying attention and watching when the other team was up to bat. Other kids played in the dirt, pulled up the grass, watched the train go by and sat down on the field. Dylan did a little of everything. He does love fielding the ball though and where ever the ball was hit he would run over there to try and get it. He started out in the outfield and then moved to second base, which was a much better fit for him to be able to field the ball. He did a pretty good job hitting the ball too. He had a great time playing and does a pretty good job of listening to his coaches. They play two innings per game, kids get to swing as many times as they need to to hit the ball and they don't keep score (no outs or runs are counted). At first I was skeptical of the fact that no-one wins the game, but after seeing these kids play there really would be no reason to count outs or keep score. And even if they did count outs it would take forever to get to 3! 95% of the kids are just learning the game, they all have fun and learn how to play which is most important right now.

We have 2 games a week for the next few weeks and then one game a week in October. The games along with gymnastics are keeping us busy just about every night of the week. Dylan doesn't seem to mind though, when we don't have something to do at night he's not super excited to go home. I guess that is good though, he is definitely having fun playing different sports!

(lots of photos below! #5 is Dylan's number)

DSC_0041  DSC_0043