Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Lights, Santa, and Ponies

Last night we piled in the Jeep and headed up to Smokies Stadium to see the light show and other Christmas attractions. We had heard everything was free, which was not the case, it was $20 to see the light show. Which we thought was  a little pricey, especially considering we had heard it was free, but we drove through anyway. The light show was really very good and there were a ton of lights that were synchronized to the radio station we had turned to when we started our drive.

After we drove through the light show we headed over to the petting zoo. They had camels and ponies that the kids could ride ($5 per ride) and lots of animals, llamas, sheep, sheep with horn sideburns, cows, and more. Dylan LOVES animals and petting zoos, he could have stayed there all night visiting all of the animals, but we broke him away to see if he would visit Santa.
Luckily there was only one person in front of us so we figured we wouldn't have to wait to long to see Santa. However, this Santa was VERY chatty and was still chatting with the little boy on his lap when Dylan had enough and wanted to go back to the petting zoo. We talked to him about going and sitting on Santa's lap and telling Santa what he wanted for Christmas, but the allure of the petting zoo was calling him so we had to head back to the zoo. No Santa visit for Dylan this year, maybe next year...
Dylan did ride a pony all by himself though (OK, Dave was standing next to him to make sure Dylan didn't fall off). But he loved riding Strawberry the pony, I think that was the highlight of his night.