Monday, October 31, 2011

Dave uses a knife and doesn't stab himself with it!

You heard me right, Dave was using a knife and didn't stab himself with it or slice his fingers! In case you haven't heard my husband is not very good with knives, he's stabbed himself in the leg trying to cut a branch off a Christmas tree with a pocket knife (two stitches) and cut himself other times trying to slice fruit. Usually it's because he is using a dull paring knife and sawing away instead of using a sharp knife. Guess what, it's true, you cut yourself easier with a dull knife than with a sharp one!
Anyway, the reason Dave was using a knife? Pumpkin carving! As you can see from the pictures Dylan was grossed out by the pumpkin seeds and inside, but pretty interested in the actual pumpkin carving.

Happy Halloween!!

Dylan's face cracks me up in these first two pictures.
Where to make the first cut?
Still wary of the interior of the pumpkin...
It's more fun flinging pumpkin off the deck than carving it!
The eye is done!
Also more fun? Jumping off the bench!
Final pumpkin, and not a very good picture. I didn't get one of the pumpkin lit up last night. I will try and remember to take one of Cyclops when he it lit up tonight. 

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