Friday, February 24, 2012

Back in Iowa

When we were in Iowa in January for my grandpa's funeral it snowed, and until the past few days that was really all the snow that Iowa had gotten so far this year. It figures, the one time we are back that it would snow! Dylan was excited though. That was the most snow he had seen and he was very excited to go outside and play in the snow. Luckily his Aunt's Dana and Cathy and Grandma Judy were happy to accompany him outside in the freezing cold to play in the snow! Dana tought him how to make snow angels. Cathy and Jane even bought Dylan a sled! With it being almost 70 degrees in Tennessee today, I doubt (hope! I am ready for Spring)we are going to get a chance to use the sled again. There's always next year!
Dana showing Dylan how to make a snow angel.
Helping Grandma Judy shovel snow.
Cathy saving Dylan from Dana!
Painting a picture for Dad.
Painting with Grandma Judy.

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