Friday, March 9, 2012

Busy, busy, busy

I feel like for the most part we aren't really ever very busy. Sure, we've got the day to day stuff like every family. Usually if we are invited somewhere or want to have people over it's not too hard to get planned. But I have been looking at our schedule for the next few months and just realized we are going to be super busy, like every weekend busy.

Here's what the rest of the month looks like for us:
Tomorrow we have a birthday party to go to, that I still have to buy the present for...
We are also having friends over for dinner tomorrow night after we get back from the birthday party.
Next week we are going to see Henry Rollins speak, which should be awesome, we saw him a few years ago when he came to Knoxville and he spoke for over 3 hours. We are also going to dinner before the show. Which will be awesome because while Dylan is getting better about not being such a pill when we go out to eat, it will still be nice to have a grown up night out!
March 18th is the Atlanta marathon. We will be heading down the night before, luckily it's only a 3 hour drive.
Guess what? The weekend of March 24th we are open!! While I would really like to sit around that weekend and recover, I am hoping it will be nice out and we can go up to the Smokies and do some hiking.
I am heading to Charleston to meet up with my mom and sister to celebrate (late) my mom's 60th birthday the last weekend in March. We didn't realize when we planned the trip that the Knoxville marathon is April 1st. I don't think we made the whole March/April same weekend connection, so Grandma Carolyn is coming down to visit that weekend to help Dave out with Dylan. She will get to see a race too. I'm bummed out that I am going to miss the marathon, the Knoxville one would be fun since it's in our hometown. Maybe next year! I am very excited to go to Charleston though, we have reservations at Husk and Lana and countless other restaurants we want to try. At least we should be doing a lot of walking to burn off the calories from all the food we are going to be eating. :)

I don't even want to start talking about April, our co-ed league volleyball starts (which I am so incredibly excited about!), Dylan's swimming lessons start, Dave will still have his Tuesday night running group and that's just during the week!

I am pretty sure that we are just going to keep getting busier as Dylan gets older and we will find ways to manage it. I wanted to sign him up for tee-ball too, but I think we are going to wait a year for that and soccer. Or at least until the Fall when hopefully we won't have so much going on.

I'll have marathon updates coming up, hopefully a restaurant review from wherever we go before Henry Rollins and Charleston re-cap so stay tuned! Oh, and Spring photos! The Spring flowers and trees are blooming, so I will try and capture some of the gorgeousness of East Tennessee and share it with you!

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