Monday, February 25, 2013


We went up to the mountains a few weeks ago. It was Harper's first trip and from what we could tell she had a great time! We had planned on having a picnic lunch at the Elkmont Picnic area just outside of Cades Cove, but it was super windy so Dylan and I walked around a little bit before having our picnic in the car. We saw quite a few deer and turkey when we drove through Cades Cove. Towards the end of the Cove we saw a few males locking antlers over a doe. We also stopped at one of the historic cabins and saw 4 or 5 deer up pretty close. We always make fun of the people who stop at take photos of deer, but this time we were just as bad as everyone else :) There were a ton of trees down as we drove in on Little River Road,(not really on the road, but on the sides of the road)we have been going up to the mountains every year for the past 7 years we have lived in Tennessee and have never seen so many trees down. I don't know if it was from all of the rain we have been getting or the ice storms we had in January, but there were so many trees down. You can see all of the downed trees in the last pictures on the slideshow.

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