Thursday, June 9, 2011

Fun in Iowa!

Yes, fun and Iowa do go in the same sentence! We had a great visit to Iowa to see my parents and grandparents. It had been over a year since we had been back to Eastern Iowa to see my family, far too long!

We had a busy few days while we were there. We had planned to head to my dad's right away on Thursday when we arrived, but I forgot my camera at home, so we had to make a pit stop at my Mom's house to borrow her camera. It was our first time seeing her new house. She did such a great job decorating, renovating and painting! It was great to see all her hard work in person.

After our pit stop we made our way to my Dad and step-mom's house on the Wapsi River just outside of DeWitt. Every Thursday night from May-August they have a neighborhood fish fry. We have heard stories of the fish fries quite often, but hadn't experienced one until our visit. My dad is the fish fry master (and also the most interesting man on the Wapsi!) and everyone contributes a few dishes, from mac and cheese, deviled eggs, to fruit and dessert, there is something for everyone.

The Fry Master!

However, our sometimes picky eater Dylan was not in the mood for a fish fry, so he ate dinner before we did.


Which was a good thing because he was busy the rest of the night playing catch.


And catching up with his Great Grandpa Dallas! We were so happy my grandpa was feeling well enough to join us on Thursday night. He and my grandma came out for an hour or so and it was great to catch up with them!


You may be wondering how the neighborhood feeds 30-40 people a ton of fish every Thursday. This is how...


Just before we left Friday morning a few of my dad's neighbors came in on their boat with a 30 lb, 2-20 lb and 2-10 lb catfish. And that was just the catch from that morning's bank lines!

On Friday morning we headed over to my grandparents house for a few hours to catch up more with them. Dylan kept his Great Grandpa busy showing him all the Toy Story characters!


After our visit with the Grandparents we went to my Mom's house so Dylan could take his afternoon nap. But on our way was Dave's favorite place to eat, Taco John's so of course we had to stop! It was just as fabulous as he remembered. The super potato ole's were excellent as usual!

Dylan took a good nap and Dave wanted to go and hit some golf balls, so we dropped him off at the local public course. Mom and I took Dylan to Vanderveer Park. It's very close to her house and has a great fountain, lake, and playground equipment. Dylan loved seeing the fountain. And throwing coins in it with Grandma!



We also checked out the playground.



After the park we went to pick Dave up from the golf course. Dylan wanted to practice his putting too.



On Saturday we headed up to LeClaire, for the 2nd Annual American Pickers Festival! Dave and I are big fans of the show and luckily the festival happened to be going on the weekend we visited. LeClaire is just a short drive from Davenport, so we were checking out the city wide garage sales on our way down to the festival before we knew it! We even picked up a Chicago Bears shirt for Dylan.

When we arrived at the festival Mike and Danielle were speaking and talking about how the show started and telling stories. It was fun to hear them talk about things we have seen on the show and their take on what happens.


There was also a petting zoo close to the stage. Other than almost being trampled by some goats we had fun petting the different animals.


There were also antique/flea market vendors, food and a classic car show at the festival. If it wouldn't have been so hot we probably would have spent more time there.

My sister, Dana, also drove down from Chicago to spend Saturday with us. Dylan loves seeing Aunt Dana!


Sunday was our last day in Iowa and we spent it out on the river at my dad's. We took a few boat rides, visited with my grandparents and hung outside. We got to spend a few more hours that evening with my mom too! It was a great way to end our weekend in Iowa!



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