Monday, June 27, 2011

What to do on Saturday?

On Saturday we headed up to Cades Cove for a picnic! Cades Cove was a little busy, but really not too bad for a Saturday and perfect weather. We saw a few deer and even a mama bear and cubs up on a ridge. Seeing that really made me wish I had a longer lens for my camera...

We also drove on Little River road and stopped to so I could take pictures and Dylan could throw rocks in the river. Dave also brought along Dylan's remote control boat (thanks Chad!) and had fun driving it around the river.
Cold water!

Dylan and Grandma Carolyn looking for a good rock to throw in the stream.

Dylan loved seeing and petting the horses!

This horse was very friendly!


We also stopped along the Little River to strech our legs...

And watch people tubeing.

Dylan and I even got a picture together!

He must be jumping or climbing at all times. Maybe all almost 3  year old boys are part monkey?

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