Saturday, August 13, 2011

Practice cake

I am going to be making a rather ambitious birthday cake for Dylan this year. For his first birthday I made a cow cake, last year was an Elmo cake and this years cake will be a Toy Story theme. I found a Toy Story theme cake online that I thought I would be able to make myself (with a few modifications) so today was my practice day. There are quite a few techniques on the cake I want to make that I haven't tried before. Some that I tried today were easier than I thought they would be, others were much more difficult. I still think I can pull of the cake for Dylan's birthday party on Saturday though. I know the post is vague, but I want the cake to be a surprise next week!

Here is the crumb layer, this was pretty easy and definitely worth doing.

crumb layer

And here is the final practice cake. I added the piping around the stars just for practice. The tip I used was a little large though. The frosting isn't as smooth as I wanted it to be, I worked on it forever though! I used Duff's buttercream fondant for the stars and they were very easy to make and the fondant was super easy to work with.


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