Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Knoxville Marathon and kick-ass friends

While I was in Charleston, Dave ran the Knoxville Marathon. Since I wasn't able to attend I didn't get any photos and have forgotten to ask Nina for hers of Dave at the finish line. Our friend Chad did get a photo of Dave towards the end of the race running along Gay Street in Downtown Knoxville.

Grandma Carolyn was going to come and watch Dylan for us that weekend since Dave had to work and run the marathon on Sunday and I would be in Charleston. But, she got sick a day before she was supposed to get on a flight to Knoxville. What to do?! Take Dylan with me Charleston, not really ideal. What else could we do...enter our wonderful friends Andrew and Nina (ok, really Nina, because she was the one who took care of Dylan all weekend). That's right. Dave dropped Dylan off at Andrew and Nina's at 7:30am on Saturday and worked all day (so did Andrew, so it was just Nina and the 4 kids, her 3 plus Dylan). And you know what? She took all the kids grocery shopping and to Hobby Lobby. I realize that to those of you with muliple kids this is no big deal. But I was amazed when I talked to her on Saturday, while I was in Charleston, and she was at Hobby Lobby with all the kids. She said she told them if they were good she would get them a matchbox car at the grocery store (bribes work my friends). I doubt I could handle 4 kids all day by myself without losing it.

After Dave worked all day Saturday he had to go to the race expo to pick up his bib and packet for the race on Sunday. Since the race started so early on Sunday, Dylan and Dave stayed over night and Andrew and Nina's so Dave wouldn't have to drop Dylan off at 6am on Sunday. Dylan had his first sleepover! He absolutely loves Brandon and Andrew (Andrew and Nina's little boys) and had so much fun with them over the weekend.

On Sunday morning Dave and Andrew left early for the race and Nina got the kids up and ready to head to watch their dads run their 4th marathon of the year. Their first stop was Tyson Park, about 1/2 way through the race. A great spot to stop and watch the race since the kids could play while waiting for their dads to run past. The finish of the Knoxville marathon is in Nyland Stadium. I know the boys loved getting to go into the stadium and see their dads finish the race. Then Nina took the kids to lunch and then back to her house to wait for Dave and Andrew.

Dylan was wore out from a weekend of playing with friends. And honestly I didn't worry about him at all. He knows Andrew and Nina and their family well. We have spent a lot of time with them, especially over the past few months, so I knew he would be comfortable there. The only thing I was worried about was him behaving and apparently he did that too.

So, as I've told Nina a million times, thank-you!

Did you want race results...ok...Dave thought the Knoxville marathon was a good race, he said he felt good throughtout the entire race and finished really well. He finished first of his Fleet Feet running group and a personal best of 4 hours 7 minutes!

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