Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Painting with a Twist!

A few weeks ago (shows how behind I am!) Nina and I went to a Painting with a Twist class in Knoxville. We had so much fun! We brought a bottle of wine, cheese and crackers and dessert to enjoy while we painted. Nina and I didn't have any painting experience and our paintings still turned out pretty good. The teacher was great, she helped everyone out when they needed it. The hardest part of the painting was covering the canvas in red! I should have known that, having two red kitchens, I bet we spent half the class just painting the background.
They have a ton of different classes you can take depending on what you want to paint. I would certainly recommend it. Nina and I want to go back and take one of the owl painting classes very soon!

Nina finishing the red background.

Our finished paintings!

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