Monday, July 23, 2012

At least they used glue

Dylan had his first trip to the doctor with an injury on Saturday morning. I had really thought we would have been to the doctor or emergency room before last weekend with an injury. Dylan is constantly jumping off things, running around like crazy, really just being a little boy.

Here's what happened and a little background. We have a formal living/dining room area which is really just one big room. It's divided into a playroom and office/desk area with a couch and our wood coffee table with pointy edges that we moved out of the living room because we were worried Dylan would hurt himself on it (and we were right!). I was organizing our desk and Dylan was spinning around on the office chair. Then he decided that just spinning on the chair wasn't fun enough, so he moved it over by the over-sized chair at the edge of his playroom and decided to jump from the stable chair to the spinning chair. I think  he had one successful attempt, then attempt number 2 was not as successful... I heard a thunk and then crying. He didn't knock himself out, but he did gash the back of his head. I couldn't tell how bad it was, just that is was bleeding. So I had Dylan sit down and I ran and got a towel to hold to his head to stop the bleeding. He stopped crying pretty quickly and I called the doctor. Of course, they said to bring him in. The bleeding also stopped pretty quickly and he was feeling ok, no vomiting or passing out which I figured were good signs.

We had a uneventful ride to the doctors office and after a short wait, saw the doctor. She cleaned up the gash and blood that was matted in his hair and determined that he wouldn't need stitches, that she could just glue the cut back together. Dylan did great. I read him a book while he laid down and got his wound cleaned and glued back together. I was worried they were going to have to shave his head or at least the area around the gash, but the doctor didn't think that was necessary. She said if his hair would have been a little longer she would have braided it over the cut!

Since he was so brave at the doctor we decided that a quick trip to Dunkin Donuts was also in order and would make his head feel better even more quickly.

Other than some glue on his head Dylan doesn't seem any worse for ware. He is still jumping off the couch onto pillows on the floor, running around outside and being himself. I'm pretty sure his injury didn't do much to quell his adventurous spirit!

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