Friday, July 20, 2012

Two weeks in July

As I am sure you are aware, my lack of posting has not gotten any better over the past month. However, I do have some updates and photos for you!

We had a fun 4th of July and days around it. Dylan loved the fireworks, snakes, and sparklers. We didn't go to a big fireworks display, but we did go over to our neighbors to set off a few fireworks for the kids. That seemed to be enough entertainment for the 5 and under crowd.

We also went to the Farragut 4th of July parade with friends. The boys had a great time getting all the candy and fun stuff the people were throwing out.
Still a cheesy smile.
Keeping a close eye on his sparkler.

Dylan and I have continued our Saturday morning trips to the Market Square Farmers Market. Dylan must get a cream cheese roll from VG's bakery and I have been stocking up on tomatoes until our plants started producing tomatoes.

We also made it to our first drive-in movie as a family. We all had a great time watching Brave. The next day was not as exciting since Dylan didn't sleep in after staying up until midnight...

Eating popcorn and waiting for the drive-in movie to start!

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