Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Dylan had his first t-ball practice Tuesday night. I almost died from the cuteness. It was like watching someone try and herd cats...the coach did do a great job though. First the coach had the kids all run the bases, then then each child hit off the tee and ran to each base as each child hit the ball and they ended with catching grounders and even a few fly balls. Dylan seemed to have fun. I asked him before he went to be what he liked most about t-ball and he said "Everything!" he liked running (of course, he loves to run) hitting and catching. He is really looking forward to his next practice and first game next week!

Practicing running the bases.

Waiting for his turn to bat.
Coach making sure Dylan knows to run to 1st base after he hits the ball. 
Now I'll go to 3rd base! (he actually started running towards home plate, I guess we need to work little more on base running!)
Resting, there were a lot of swings and misses before he ran to third base...

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