Thursday, August 30, 2012


Dylan requested a fishing pole for his birthday from his Grandpa Dave, and Grandpa did not disappoint! As soon as Grandpa got out of the car Dylan was right there asking about his fishing pole. Luckily Grandpa had it in an easily accessible location and was nice enough to give the fishing pole to Dylan right away! After Grandpa got the fishing pole assembled, he showed Dylan how to cast the line and after a few tries Dylan started to get the hang of it.
On Saturday morning we headed to the pond at Anchor Park to go fishing. Dylan couldn't wait to try and catch a fish. However, we weren't so lucky, I think we needed worms, we were just using what bait came with the fishing pole. But Dylan didn't give up easily, and had a ton of fun casting the line, reeling it in and learning some fishing secrets from Grandpa!

Grandpa showing Dylan how to cast the line.
Any fish down there?

Maybe over here will be better?
What about here? No luck!

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