Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Omaha Marathon

I figured I had better get this post up before Dave leaves for the Chicago marathon on Friday!

 The Omaha Marathon was Sunday, September 23rd. Dave and Andrew arrived in Omaha the Thursday before the race and were entertained by Kyle and Amie and other family and friends until race day. Andrew was able to experience such Midwestern specialties as a swamp dog donkey burger in Neola, as well as actual cuisine at M's Pub in Omaha. I'm glad they took him to M's Pub first ;)

On to the marathon, along with Dave and Andrew, Dave's friend from high school, Andrew (I know another Andrew, we'll call him Andy for this post) also ran the marathon. The weather was perfect for the marathon, cool to start off, in the 40's and then warming up to the 60's by the time they finished. It was certainly much cooler than these guys are used to, but it worked in their favor, Andrew and Andy had personal bests in the race! Andrew ran his race in 3:40 and Andy shaved 20 minutes off his time from his first marathon! Dave came in 2 minutes past his personal best at 4:09, which is still awesome. The next race is Chicago on Sunday, good luck guys!

 Here are some photos from the race (thanks Sherrie and Carolyn!) 014 Sept 2012 015 053 Sept 2012 019 Sept 2012 021 Sept 2012 020

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