Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Seriously, Dollywood

I took Monday off and Dave, Dylan and I went to Dollywood. Dave had gotten his season pass a few weeks ago when he and Dylan went. So I had to get in line to purchase my season pass. After I had been standing in line for a few minutes I realized that they only had two windows open! Seriously, Dollywood, there are ten booths for people to purchase season tickets and you have two of them open? And there was a huge line that wasn't moving. Dave and Dylan were already in the park so I called Dave to see if I could upgrade a daily ticket to a season pass somewhere inside the park and he said I could. I would have been waiting in line for at least an hour, probably longer if I hadn't been able to upgrade my daily ticket inside the park. Bad customer service Dollywood!

I made in in the park to see Dave and Dylan riding the cars around the track and Dylan driving. After that we had a quick lunch and headed over to the county fair section of the park. That is where most of the children's rides are. Dylan was able to ride the Ducks, Pigs and Bees all on his own. We didn't think he would sit there on his own, but I strapped him in and walked away and he had a great time on all the rides. Dylan and Dave also rode the carousal (just watching it made me dizzy). There is also a huge splash pad for kids to run through and play in which Dylan loved. He got shot in the head a few times because he was looking in the hole where the water shoots out!

After a busy few hours we put Dylan in the stroller and he fell asleep while Dave went on a few of the big roller coasters. Luckily only 1 of the 3 big roller coasters had long lines so Dave didn't have to wait long. We also went past the new Adventure Mountain area which looked awesome. You are clipped into a harness and get to climb on beams, rocks, ropes, etc.

It was a really fun day, but we were all worn out from the heat. I'm glad we went earlier in the morning too, Dollywood wasn't super busy.


  1. Bad Dollywood. I love it when you can get right on the rides! I can't imagine going to Disney and waiting hours to ride one ride.

  2. Disney is the PITS. It's more of a nightmare than the most magical place on earth. lol