Monday, July 12, 2010

Hitting and pinching and bruises

Dylan seems to be in a hitting and pinching phase. Whether he is mad because I am changing his diaper or he is playing with friends in the sand box, hitting seems to be his method of expression right now. I am hoping it's just a phase he is going through (a very short phase) and it will let up soon. He is talking more and more everyday and I know he just doesn't have the words to express all his emotions right now, but it frustrates me to no end to see him whack a friend he is playing with for no good reason.
I tell him that we don't hit our friends or parents and that it hurts them and it's not nice and he'll look at me for a minute like he understands what I'm saying and then he'll go pinch his friend.
He has always been very sweet and gentle with other children and that has certainly changed. He'll be two in a little over a month, hopefully the so called "terrible twos" aren't really on the way.
Dylan does seem to hit and pinch more when he's tired or upset, which I understand more so than when he seems to be playing fine with other children and then out of no where he'll hit them.
I know there are other parents out there who are dealing with this, does anyone have any suggestions? We've tried time-outs, talking to him and even just ignoring the behavior (which seems to work the best, especially when he's pinching or hitting me when I'm changing his diaper, but it's much harder to do when he's hitting a friend over the head). Maybe he's just hitting and pinching for attention? Any suggestions you have are welcome, my bruised arm can't take much more of the pinching!

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