Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Another red kitchen

Dave and I have been unhappy with our green kitchen for a while. The problem was that we didn't know what color to re-paint it. I'm not a big fan of light colors (melons, oranges, yellows, etc.) and while I liked our kitchen when we first painted it, I was beginning to want something different. I really like dark brown and thought that might look good, but after we got a sample on the walls we realized it was too dark. Fast-forward to 4 months later, the brown samples were still on our walls and now look like we started to paint bricks, but stopped. Not a good look. We were over at our friends Chad and Meredith's for dinner one night and noticed that we really liked the red that they have in their kitchen/dining area. It's a softer more burgundy red than the fire engine red (which, for the record I still love) that we had in our kitchen in our townhouse in Florida. So we got the paint color name from Chad and Meredith and went with it. Actually my mom and Carolyn did all the painting while they were visiting for Dylan's birthday and it turned out great. We do need to put a second coat of paint on, but overall we really happy with the red.

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