Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Wedding weekend

We had a long 3.5 day weekend! Dave and I left Dylan in the capable hands of Grandma Carolyn on Thursday afternoon and headed up to Johnson City to check into the Carnegie Hotel to start the festivities for Bob and Melea's wedding. We rented one of the presidential suites at the hotel to serve as Melea's bachelorette party headquarters. After some decorating we had it in appropriate bachelorette party mode. All of the girls had arrived by 8pm so we headed to Jack's Grill for dinner. The food, drinks and stories were great! After dinner we made our way back to the hotel and had Melea open her presents and just caught up.

Friday morning we all had appointments for mani/pedis at 10:30am. I'll admit it was a little difficult to get up, get the room in order and checked out in time to leave for our appointment, but we made it! After our appointment and lunch I was lucky to have a little free time to spend back at the hotel relaxing and getting ready for the rehearsal that started at 5pm. The rehearsal and dinner went smoothly. The dinner was a lot of fun, Bob had all NINE of his groomsmen tell funny stories about things they had happen to them or that Bob was involved in. Luckily the bridesmaids didn't have to do that! We all just got a very sweet introduction from Melea. A few of us headed to the bar after the dinner, but we didn't stay out too late, we were wiped out after a long day!

Bob & Melea at the rehearsal dinner.

The big day! Saturday Dave and I were lucky and got to sleep in (note to people without children, get all the sleep you can now!). Then I had to start getting ready as the bus was going to pick the ladies up at 1:30 so we could be at the church by 2pm to start getting ready and have our hair done. I was able to make it downstairs to the reception room at the hotel and see Melea for a little bit which was great. The cakes had arrived and they looked great! The room was mostly decorated and looked really good too.

Ballroom at the Carnegie Hotel all set up for the reception.

The cake. Yum!

The wedding started right on time at 5:30pm and I don't think there was a dry eye in the church. Melea looked beautiful in her dress and veil and the wedding party looked great too!

The reception was lots of fun too, Dave did a great job with his best man speech and the food and dj were excellent.

Congratulations Bob & Melea! We were so honored to be a part of your wedding!

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