Tuesday, September 14, 2010

a whole lot of random

What a week it's been! Dave left for a golf trip to Ireland last Tuesday and I have been sick since last Tuesday night. What timing I have!! My illness started off with a sore throat on Tuesday night then morphed into an fabulous sinus infection that has now grown into another sore throat, cough and general feeling of horribleness. Oh, and Bob and Melea's wedding is this weekend. So I went to the doctor (or the walk-in clinic at the Wal-greens by our house b/c I don't have a primary care doctor, I know, terrible right!) but they got me in right away and that's how I found out I have a sinus infection and not strep throat, which is good. I've got some amoxicillin, nose spray and cough medicine to get me through the next few days. I'm generally not a going to the doctor type of girl, but with the wedding coming up this weekend I didn't think having the plague would be very attractive.

I just realized I didn't tell you what shoes I picked to wear with my bridesmaid dress. Well, neither of the Nine West ones I bought made the cut so I returned them. I realized that I would need to find something strappy to go with the dress and found these Chinese Laundry Sandals at DSW. I also realized I needed to find a dress to wear to the rehearsal so I made a trip to Ann Taylor Loft to see what they had and found a great red dress (on sale, plus 40% off!) and got a pair of Jessica Simpson camel colored shoes to go with it.

I am leaving to go to the Tri-Cities on Thursday for Melea's bachelorette party. Grandma Carolyn is flying in on Wednesday and will watch Dylan for Dave and I while we are busy with the wedding this weekend. Dave will come up to the Tri-Cities on Friday for the rehearsal and then we have the wedding on Saturday! We are so excited for Bob and Melea, I know Saturday is going to be a great day for them!

Back to Ireland, Dave had a great trip! They played 5 courses, 6 rounds of golf in 6 days! Dave said his favorite course was the first one they played, Waterville Golf Links. They also played Old Head (36 holes), Ballybunion, Tralee and Killarney Golf Club. He said it was rainy and windy on the courses, but they all still had an unbelievable trip. His hotel was awesome and the food was really good too. We will try to get an Ireland re-cap out in the next few days so Dave can tell you more about the golf courses and what he ate (black ink squid pasta, anyone?) and put up some pictures.

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