Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Big Boy Bed

We got Dylan a big boy bed last week ( I think we picked it up on Wednesday?), it sat downstairs airing out for a few days and Dave finally got it up in Dylan's room on Friday. Since then we have been trying to show Dylan that the bed is for sleeping in and not just jumping on, but we had been unsuccessful until last night. He finally went to bed in his big boy bed and stayed there until he woke up this morning (after 8am)! I was already on my way to work, but Dave said he was up getting ready and heard Dylan open the door to his room and say "hello" so Dave stuck his head out our door and said hi to Dylan. (and told him how proud he was of him for sleeping in his big boy bed all night)
We have kept the crib in Dylan's room so it is rather full with the crib, Dylan's new full size bed, change table, rocker, toy box, armour, etc. Hopefully this will be the beginning of the end of Dylan's crib and we can finally take it down and get rid of it. (It's a drop side crib and apparently they are dangerous, so IF we have another baby we will be getting a new crib. BTW, we haven't had any problems with the drop side on our crib and Dylan has shaken the hell out of the crib).
So, wish us luck tonight that Dylan sleeps in his big boy bed again! (and let me know if you see any fire truck sheets, because I am having a terrible time finding them, all I've seen is a fire truck quilt, not quite what I'm looking for).

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