Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fall Festival & missing Greek Fest

Yesterday Dylan and I went to our churches fall festival and had so much fun! They did a great job with the festival, there were activities for all ages. Crafts, bounce houses, games, a pumpkin patch and more. Dylan had a great time picking out his (free!) pumpkin, playing in the toddler town bounce house, riding the train (pulled by a lawn mower) and driving Little Tykes cars around the parking lot. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera and the pictures from my cell phone aren't that great, so you don't get to see any photos.
We also had lunch at the festival, Dylan ate his entire hot dog and a cookie. The best thing was that EVERYTHING was free. We did leave a small donation, but I don't think I heard anyone asking for them, there was just a non-descript box marked for donations. I always feel more apt to leave a donation if it isn't preached to you the entire time you are at an event.
This weekend was also Greek Fest. We have went to Greek Fest for the past 3 years, but since Dave had to work all weekend we didn't make it :( I am pretty sad about missing out on Spanakopita, gyros and Greek lasagna. Knoxville doesn't have any Greek restaurants that I know of, so Greek Fest was my chance to have some of the Greek food I love. Any Knoxvilleians know of any good Greek restaurants in the area?

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