Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Abrams Falls

All last week Dylan said he wanted to go to the mountains and go hiking. So on Saturday after Dave's morning run we packed up the car and headed to Abrams Falls in Cades Cove. The forecast was for a chance of rain, but we were hopeful that we would be ok. Unfortunately right as we pulled up to the trail head at Abrams Falls the sky opened up and it started to rain. We decided to wait for a little bit to see if the rain would pass. We sat in the car, had some lunch, Dylan played with his cars in the back seat. After about 20 minutes the rain stopped and Dave and Dylan headed out to see what condition the trail was in. Luckily it was in good shape so we headed out with my camera and a juice box for Dylan. We planned on just hiking for a little while, it's a 5 mile round trip to the falls and we figured Dylan would start to get tired pretty early so we would head back after a little while. Well, we should have known better, we went all the way to the falls and back! Dylan was such a champ, he hiked most of the way except for maybe 20 minutes where we carried him. We should have been better prepared with water and snacks, when we made it back to the car we were all hungry and thirsty. For some reason I didn't see this sign and we headed out, maybe I would have grabbed our bottle of water :)


We started off by throwing rocks in the stream at the trail head...

 Even though it was cloudy it was a great day for taking pictures, the steam/fog from the rain made for excellent photos! DSC_0027
 As you can see the trail is rocky and full of tree roots, Dylan loved it, that was part of the fun for him, walking on EVERY rock and tree root he saw. DSC_0035

 A smokey day in the Smokies DSC_0043

 Someone was not happy about getting his photo taken... DSC_0048
 The bridges were fun to cross too... DSC_0057
Jumping off stumps also made the hike more fun! DSC_0073
Juice break at the falls... DSC_0077
 Finally, Abrams Falls! DSC_0103
Dylan loves hiking! DSC_0110

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