Monday, January 16, 2012

Countdown to Miami

The ING Miami Marathon is only 13 days away! Dave had a 22 mile run on Saturday and felt really good afterwords. Usually when I talk to him after a long run he sounds tired and beat up, but when I talked to him on Saturday he was in a great mood after his run. He averaged 9:20 minute miles for the 22 miles, which he was pretty happy with. How is he tracking that you might ask? He was gifted a Nike GPS watch for Christmas that he loves, which tracks his runs. He can download the runs to the computer and then the software will track the run for him, show his route, show his times, he can log the weather, and much more.
He has also been working on his core exercises in addition to running 40 plus miles a week.
I am more excited for the Myrtle Beach Marathon since we are renting a house on the beach with Andrew and Nina (and all our kids). Hopefully the weather is nice and we can enjoy the beach  and Andrew and Dave have good running weather. :)

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