Tuesday, January 10, 2012


It's been forever since I've posted anything and I am sure you all have been checking my blog daily for updates and wondering where I've been :) Honestly, I just haven't felt like writing much lately, or making the effort to put photos up. Now I am trying to get back into the groove.

So, what has been happening lately?

Well...I started a new job last Friday!! I have been looking for a new job for a while now and finally found a great fit. I am working at Argo Turboserve (ATC) in their Nuclear division in Oak Ridge. It's a shorter commute which is wonderful, although my day is now starting at 7:30am instead of 8:30am. I have quite a lot to learn, but the core part of the job is all stuff I've done before, planning trade shows, creating flyers, website updates, assisting sales staff. Everyone has been super nice and I am learning a ton about the new industry.

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