Monday, September 17, 2012

First T-ball Game

Dylan had his first tball game last Tuesday. Dave and I had so much fun watching all the kids. Some did a good job of paying attention and watching when the other team was up to bat. Other kids played in the dirt, pulled up the grass, watched the train go by and sat down on the field. Dylan did a little of everything. He does love fielding the ball though and where ever the ball was hit he would run over there to try and get it. He started out in the outfield and then moved to second base, which was a much better fit for him to be able to field the ball. He did a pretty good job hitting the ball too. He had a great time playing and does a pretty good job of listening to his coaches. They play two innings per game, kids get to swing as many times as they need to to hit the ball and they don't keep score (no outs or runs are counted). At first I was skeptical of the fact that no-one wins the game, but after seeing these kids play there really would be no reason to count outs or keep score. And even if they did count outs it would take forever to get to 3! 95% of the kids are just learning the game, they all have fun and learn how to play which is most important right now.

We have 2 games a week for the next few weeks and then one game a week in October. The games along with gymnastics are keeping us busy just about every night of the week. Dylan doesn't seem to mind though, when we don't have something to do at night he's not super excited to go home. I guess that is good though, he is definitely having fun playing different sports!

(lots of photos below! #5 is Dylan's number)

DSC_0041  DSC_0043










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    1. Thanks Ashley! They are adorable! They are all so small, Dylan is one of the taller ones on the team, it's crazy to see the kids smaller than him trying to hit and field the ball.