Friday, September 21, 2012

Six down, six to go

After a busy winter and spring of running marathons Dave took a couple of months off during the summer. There aren't many marathons in the summer and even the late April, early May ones are HOT to run in. Can you imagine running a marathon in July? I can't imagine running a marathon at all, so one in July sounds especially awful.
Here's a re-cap of what marathons Dave (and Andrew) have run so far this year(if you would like to go back to the post about a particular race the links are below)

Myrtle Beach

Coming up this fall:

Omaha (this Sunday, September 23rd)
Savannah (Andrew only as it is the weekend before my due date!)

So, Dave needs to find another race to run this fall to get his 12 in 12 months. The Charlotte Marathon is Nov. 17th and there is also one in NC on October 27th. The one on October 27th makes me a little nervous, that is a little close to my due date...

Dylan and I think the baby will be early, but Dylan did tell me that she would come after my birthday. I am hoping for a Nov. 6th or 7th arrival as Carolyn won't be here until Nov. 5th. We will see how that goes since I really don't have any control over when this (nameless still) baby arrives!

Oh, back to the marathons, that's what this post is supposed to be about right?! Dave and Andrew headed up to Omaha a little early, they are staying with Carolyn. Dave has already exposed Andrew to interesting dining in Neola and the Old Market. Today they are golfing with friends and then tonight going to Kyle and Amie's house warming. Dave always tries to pack in as much as he can when he is back in Iowa, hopefully he doesn't get worn out before the race on Sunday.

It goes without saying, but if you can make it to any of the races to cheer these guys on they would love it. Dave always tells me how much it helps him to see people that he knows cheering him on throughout the race. Nina and I have become experts and strategically placing ourselves throughout the race courses so if you have any questions on where to watch let us know! Also, the Omaha marathon looks super easy to be a spectator at, the race course basically runs 13 miles south and then 13 miles north all within a few blocks of each other. Here's the race map, I would suggest printing it out if you are going to the race and any parking info and road closures.

I am hoping I can get some photos from Dave's family that will be attending the race (hint, hint) and will be able to post them next week!

Good luck Dave and Andrew!!

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