Monday, January 3, 2011

7 quick takes to get caught up

1. Christmas Eve - We made it to Church! And Dylan almost made it through the entire service. They had a puppet show program and lots of singing which he loved.
We had our usual cedar plank salmon dinner, but we couldn't make it on the grille because the grille wouldn't start! I had to make it in the oven and finish it on the stove, it still turned out pretty good.
We opened presents with my Mom via Skype on Christmas Eve. Dylan had fun opening the presents and playing with some of his new toys.

2. Christmas Day - Dave, Dylan and I opened presents right we we got up. Dylan opened his Melissa and Doug play food that can be cut up and that was it! I tried to get him to open other presents, but he just wanted to play with the food. Later in the day we opened presents with Grandma Carolyn on Skype so she could see Dylan open presents too. You counted right, Dylan had 3 present opening sessions on Christmas!
For Christmas dinner we had Cornish game hens, mashed potatoes and gravy and corn casserole and homemade sticky toffee pudding for dessert! Yum!

3. Our computer has a virus - this really sucks, I haven't been able to upload any Christmas photos yet, but they are off the camera and on the computer. Hopefully we can get the computer fixed tonight and I can send out Christmas photos.

4. Flying - Dylan and I went to Florida to visit my Dad and Step-Mom last week. Dylan was so awful on the airplane that the lady in front of me offered to send me the parenting book that her husband wrote. Her plane ride would have been less awful had she just moved to the open seat next to her. Dylan was in his car seat on the plane which gave him the perfect opportunity to kick her seat. I asked him to quit it a million times, but he refused. The DVD player, toys and sticker book only got us so far. Seriously, why didn't she just move to the free middle seat? (I realize it's not her job to move, but I am sure it would have been more comfortable for her. Dylan was in his car seat, if he hadn't been it that I would have moved him).

5. Florida - We had a great time despite the awful flight. Dylan loved going on boat rides with "Pa". We also made it to the beach. It was Dylan's first trip to the beach and he loved it! We went to Crescent Beach, which is a huge, wide beach with beautiful white sand. Dylan ran right to the water (which was COLD) and got his feet wet, he wanted to go deeper and deeper, he wasn't scared at all. He had a great time building sand castles (and knocking them down). Dylan also starting riding a bike with training wheels while we were there! He had a great time pedaling around the carport. I think this spring we will have to get him a bike!

6. While we were gone Dave got our bedroom painted! I went to Home Depot and got the paint (Behr - Dolphin, a light gray color). It turned out beautifully and looks like a whole new room.

7. Sunday we leave for our cruise! We are going on a 5 day cruise from Miami to The Bahamas, Coco Cay and Grand Turk. It's going to be a family affair with my mom, Dave's Mom, brother and his girlfriend and my sister and brother-in-law. We can't wait!

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