Friday, January 21, 2011

A nice, new camera!

I am so excited to be getting a nice, new digital SLR camera! (thanks Mom!) Now I just have to choose which one to get. Anyone have any suggestions? I am thinking a Nikon or Cannon, entry level type camera. Right now I am leaning towards the Nikon D3100, overall the reviews are very good and Amazon has a deal that gives you an big discount on an additional lens.

After I get the camera I am going to be taking some photography classes at UT so I can actually use the camera and hopefully take some good photos. Wish me luck!


  1. I have a Nikon D5000, which is being replaced by the D7000. The D7000 is more expensive but I think it looks AWESOME. The D3100 doesn't auto focus in the body, which means that you have be sure that any lens that you buy has auto focus in the lens, and it limits your ability to buy non-Nikon lenses. I don't really think of it as a problem, but it is a consideration. I was looking at a 50mm lens because they are only 100 bucks, but they don't auto focus so I have to hold out for the 200 dollar 35mm that will auto focus.
    What second lens are you looking at? My one big complaint about the Nikon kit lens is that it does crappy in low light. So, assuming you are like me and want the camera to take awesome pictures of your kid, to get good results indoors look at the 35mm F/1.8.

    I believe that all Cannon Cameras have the autofocus motor in the body, but they tend to not do as well on auto and in less than ideal lighting than the Nikon...though both a great brands. is a great resource for camera reviews!

    Make sure you update with what you end up with!!!