Sunday, May 30, 2010

Beer tasting wrap-up!

The moment you have all been eagerly awating is finally here, the results of Dave's beer tasting are in! Dave finally had the Sweetwater IPA and at first said it smelled like cat pee (we have 3 cats, so we certainly know what that smells like...), I would have stopped drinking it right then and there, but Dave decided it was worth another sip. He said he should have drank it at the time he drank the other beers, he might have liked it a little better. His favorite from the beer tasting was the Blue Moon Rising Moon. He would like to tell his fans that when he commits to doing a beer review that he will do it all the way next time and not leaving you hanging with one beer left to review. I'm sure that makes you all feel better :)

He wishes he could review Cornoa every night, but I'm going to say that would get boring. One other new beer that wasn't in the first beer tasting is the Houblon Chouffe Dobbelen Triple IPA. The first time Dave had it was in Nashville at the Flying Saucer with Bob. The Flying Saucer has an excellent beer menu and super knowlegeable staff that did a great job explaining the beer and what it takes to make it taste it's best. With the Houblon Chouffe Dobbelen Triple IPA you have to pour equal parts in each glass (someting like a mini a brandy snifter glass would work best) three quarters of the way full. Then you take what's left in the bottle and do the wine swirl with it so it activates the yeast. After that you top off each glass with what is left in the bottle. Dave says it's, "very complex tasting, the flavors change with tempature, it's a sipping beer". He says it's not comparable to any other beers he's tasted. In fact, in Tennessee you can only buy the Houblon Chouffe Triple IPA at liquor stores because it has 9% alcohol. You might have to do a little searching if you want to find it at your local liquor store.

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