Monday, May 10, 2010

The Race

The moment you have all been waiting, not the results of Dave's beer tasting. The race results, Dave and Andrew (the Olympic Couch Riders) came in 16th in the North Chick Greenway Challenge! They are both a little disappointed in their finish, they started out really strong and did well throughout the entire race, but ran an extra mile or so due to a part of the course not being very clearly marked. That and some canoeing "issues" put them behind. They had a great time running the race and said that this one was harder than the Knoxville Urban Wilderness Challenge since there wasn't any downtime in this race. In the KUWC they had to wait to repel and for a few other challenges so they had time to catch their breath, that didn't happen in the North Chick Challenge. Nina and I (and all the kids) were able to see Dave and Andrew (and Bob and James) as they went through the transition area 3 times which was exciting. We were able to watch them do the frisbee golf, bow and arrow and then at the finish. This race was a combination of running, biking, challenges, canoeing, and swimming.
The kids had fun running around the huge open space and playing with the new kickball's we got them at Wal-Mart while we waited for Dave and Andrew and Bob and James to finish.
After the race Nina and I took the kids to the Tennessee Aquarium. We all had a great time petting the sting rays, looking at sharks, turtles, jelly fish and other fish. The aquarium is in two buildings, the Ocean Adventure and River Adventure. Both are huge and have a ton to see, they are also very kid friendly. I didn't have to lift Dylan up too much to be able to see into the tanks and there were a few animal interactions that all the boys really liked. We would definitely go again.

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