Monday, May 17, 2010

Sick baby

Dylan has croup and an ear infection. He started coughing late in the day on Saturday and we thought that it was just from the pollen in the air. Yesterday he also had a fever from 100 to 101 most of the day even after giving him Tylenol, so Dave too him to the doctor this morning and the doctor said he has croup and an ear infection. I feel so bad for him! He hasn't been himself, lethargic and quite is not like Dylan at all. The doctor gave him a steroid so hopefully that will help the croup and an antibiotic for the ear infection. I don't know much about croup, thankfully the internet is very helpful and Mayo Clinic's website has a good overview, home treatments and more to help me understand what is going on with him and what to watch out for.
Luckily Carolyn and Kyle are here this week so Dave and I won't have to take time off work to take care of Dylan. Hopefully he will be back to his rambunctious, cheerful self soon!

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