Thursday, May 27, 2010

Our child has an allergy?

Neither Dave or I have any allergies so I was hoping that Dylan would be lucky enough to follow in his parents foot steps and not have any allergies either. We didn't get that lucky. We found out yesterday that Dylan is allergic to penicillin. A few weeks ago he went to the doctor with a bad cough and we found out that he had croup and an ear infection. The doctor perscribed amoxicillan as usual and Dylan got better. However, on Tuesday, about eight days after he started the amoxicillan he got a rash, not just on his belly, but everywhere, arms, legs, and back. So, we made the trip to the doctor first thing Wednesday morning and she confirmed that Dylan is indeed allergic to penicillin. He is taking Orapred (a steroid) and Benadryl and did start to look better yesterday after his nap. But later in the day the rash flared up again and while he fell asleep pretty easily he woke up around 9pm and was up until about 11pm. Not very exciting for parents who are used to their child going to bed at 7:30pm and not waking up until 6:30 or 7am. We gave him more Benadryl and put some hydrocortisone creme on his neck, back and ankles as those seemed to be what was bothering him the most and tried to help him get back to sleep. Unfortunately, Benadryl does not have the same effect on Dylan that it has on his parents, Benadryl knocks Dave and I out, and it either makes Dylan hyper or does nothing, it certainly doesn't make him tired. I don't remember him having so much trouble sleeping even when he was teething.
The rash did look a little better this morning. Hopefully the Orapred & Benadryl Dylan took this morning will help him get through the day ok at daycare.

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