Thursday, May 12, 2011

How many pairs of shoes to YOU own?

A few of my shoes...
Dave is an anti-hoarder. He throws everything away. Unless it is golf memorabilia, golf clubs, golf bags, records or pictures. Recently he has even started to sell some of his golf clubs and bags. When he gets in one his throwing stuff out moods he has to be watched carefully otherwise we could end up without things we use every day, like the MICROWAVE.

A few days ago Dave was ready to get rid of more stuff, and it all fairness to him, we do have a lot of stuff that just piles up that needs to be taken to Goodwill, etc. He was up in our bedroom and looking in our closet and started counting my shoes. "You have 30 pairs of shoes!" he said. "You don't need 30 pairs of shoes, you need to get rid of some of them, you have 3 pairs of brown flip flops!" Yes, I do have 3 pairs of brown flip flops, but I explained to him how they were 3 different pairs of flip flops to be worn with different outfits. I can't wear the brown flip flops with the beads and fabric sole to the pool, I have to wear the rubber Old Navy ones, COME ON DAVE! Then Dave says, "I bet your friends don't have this many pairs of shoes!" Really Dave? I bet most of my friends have more than 29 pairs of shoes (I counted them this morning). This is coming from my husband who has 21 golf shirts and 18 pairs of dress pants....

Am I in the wrong here? Is 29 pairs of shoes too many? Lets see how my shoe collection compares to yours. So my friends, how many pairs of shoes do you own? Or if you don't want to share an exact number for fear of repercussions from your spouse just tell me if you have more or less than 29 pairs of shoes in the comments below.

Here's how my 29 pairs of shoes break down; 8  flip flops, 9 heels, 5 wedges, 3  boots,  3  flats and a pair of tennis shoes. I know I could certainly use more shoes, couldn't everyone?

My favorite shoes:
JS shoes
My current favorites! I have these Jessica Simpson nude platform heels on now. While I couldn't run around in them all day, they are much more comfortable than they look.

These are a close second, I get compliments on them every time I wear them!
I would love red shiny shoes that were closed toe too :)

I just got these when I was in Nashville, I needed a pair of summery black wedges!

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  1. I think that I'm pretty close to wear you are, and I don't have enough!