Sunday, May 15, 2011


We had an action packed Saturday. It started off with a visit to John Deere Landscapes to look at trees for our front yard (of which we did not really find anything). Then we hit up Mayo Garden Center to get tomato and the elusive zucchini plants. After Mayo we headed to Franklin Gallery to pick up the Master's prints Dave had framed and then went to Starbucks to refuel! And that was just the first hour and a half of our day!

Last Saturday was the first Market Square Farmer's Market and for some reason we missed it! I was not to be thwarted this Saturday though, even if we didn't make it until after 11am. Note to self, go at 9am like usual so you can get a cinnamon roll from VG's bakery before they are sold out! We did get some chicken salad from Mrs. Cockadoodles that we had for lunch later and it was excellent. We also got some Pecan Honey Jam that we are looking forward to smearing on toast :) There was also a fresh pasta vendor there, but since we were not heading home after the farmers market we decided to wait until next week to buy our basil pesto and spinach and cheese ravioli.

Dave has wanted to go to the flea market that is just off the Gatlinburg (exit 407 for your K-town people) for quite a while, so we decided to finally make the trip. I didn't bring my camera in, and boy I should have, it was a redneck feast for the eyes. Lots of camo, airbrushed tee-shirts, fake flowers and VHS tapes. The outside booths had more antique items and were much better to look through. They also had a few fruit and vegetable stands. I'm not going to say we won't ever go back, but it will certainly be awhile.

Since we were so close to the mountains already we decided to head up to Clingman's Dome. It is the highest point in the Smoky Mountains. We have only been there once and that was a very foggy day, so we decided to head up there again. It's still at least 45 minutes from Gatlinburg so we stopped along the way so Dylan could stretch his legs and through some rocks in the river. He could seriously throw rocks in the river all day long! I also had the chance to play with my camera settings and get a few good shots of Dylan and Dave and the water flowing over the rocks.


Check out Super Dave in the background!


See the water flowing?

Big splash! I would have liked to have more time to take this shot. We needed a few more takes and I should have been at a lower angle. Next time we head up to the mountains I need to make sure my battery is fully charged!

We figured the walk up to the top of the dome would be good for Dylan to stretch his legs too. We were wrong. Dave had to carry Dylan most of the way up the .5 mile vertical walk. I was barley able to make it up myself, there was no way I could have carried Dylan all the way up the mountain. Dave's marathon training has really come in handy :) Once we reached the summit we were treated to some pretty awesome views of TN and NC. It was still a little cloudy, but we could still see pretty far.

View from the tower at Clingman's Dome.

Apparently Dylan is not afraid of heights!

On our way back down the trail.

Almost to the bottom!

Even Dylan posed for a picture!
How was your Saturday?

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