Friday, May 27, 2011

When it rains it pours

Update: Our hot water heater started  making strange noises on Saturday night and by Sunday morning it was gushing water. Luckily Dave got it shut off before too long. Now we need a new hot water heater...I am not kidding. Universe, they say bad things happen in 3's this was our third bad thing to happen in as many days so please leave us alone for a while. Thanks!

We had to stop at Home Depot on our way home from work the other night to pick up another can of spray paint so Dave could finish painting an outdoor table he has been working on restoring. Dylan and I were waiting in the car for him when we started to smell something funny (and no it wasn't Dylan's pull up!). As Dave got in the car and we pulled away he smelled the bad smell too. I checked the temperature gauge on our fabulous 2003 Hyundai and saw that it was moving up from where it usually rests, just halfway between cold and hot. We turned the heat on full blast and rolled down the windows so we wouldn't sweat to death. The temperature fluctuated the rest of the way home from sort of hot to really hot. Luckily we made it home without the car dying or I don't know EXPLODING.

Dave opened the hood and we could see that coolant had splashed out from the top of the radiator and the reservoir was almost empty. We had been planning on taking the car in to get the oil changed and tires rotated before our upcoming road trip to Iowa, so I brought the car into Firestone the next day. Their diagnosis was that we need a new radiator, temperature gauge, radiator flush and pin/bolt for the drivers side tire, on top of the oil change and tire rotation. Luckily we know someone who can replace the radiator and do the other work for a little more than a quarter of the over $700 Firestone wanted to charge to do everything. So until the car part comes in we are thankful we can borrow a car from a friend so we don't have to survive on one car for the long weekend (and Dave is working all weekend).

After I got home from spending 5 hours at Firestone I fired up the computer only to find a Hard Disk error. Seriously, I didn't think the day couldn't have gotten much worse after spending forever at Firestone and having to deal with car issues, but then the computer too! I called our trusty computer repairman (Kyle) and he helped me run through the diagnostics on the computer to see if it could be fixed on its own or if we have to take it in to get the hard drive replaced. It turns out we need to have the hard drive replaced. Hopefully we will be able to get some of the photos off of the hard drive, we do have an external hard drive that we back stuff up to, but its been a while since we've done that. I also upload quite a few pictures to Kodak Gallery, Flickr and the blog, so we shouldn't loose too much if they can't recover anything.

The only highlight of the day was going to Dylan's daycare's spring program. I was so proud that he got up with his class and sang all the songs and did the actions. He cried through the entire Christmas program and wouldn't go up with his class to sing, so he is making progress! He is the youngest in his class now, so he was a little slow on some of the songs, but overall he did great!

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  1. Did you happen to videotape the program or does the Day Care video tape it? I would love to see it.