Monday, May 9, 2011

Loveless Cafe

loveless sign

While we were in Nashville for the marathon we were lucky enough to have breakfast at the famous Loveless Cafe. Every time we go to Nashville I always want to go, but we never had the time, until our last visit! I really didn't know what to expect of the restaurant, it's located about 30 minutes from where we stayed in Brentwood, and inside of an old house. There are a few buildings around the restaurant, a gift shop selling country hams, the Loveless Cafes famous jams, t-shirts and more, and a few other touristy shops. It was raining while we were there so we didn't spend too much time checking out the shops. But, I guess it's good once people get that far out from Nashville to have something other to do than just eat or have something to do while you wait for a table. We were fortunate enough to not have to wait for a table (it's all about who you know!) and with 3 kids (mostly our impatient kid) that was awesome.


The Loveless Cafe is known for their homemade biscuits and jam. A few years ago when Dave, Dylan and I went to the Southern Food & Wine Festival in Nashville we sampled the jam and it was really excellent. We also saw the famous "biscuit lady" from the Loveless Cafe do some cooking. Sadly she passed away earlier this year so we didn't get to see her at the cafe. I thought the biscuits were outstanding, they were light and buttery, the homemade jam was the perfect accompaniment to the biscuits too.

The famous biscuits and jam!

Dylan was a big fan of the biscuits too!
They have a huge menu with the old favorites, eggs, omelette's, waffles, pancakes, you get the picture. They also had Dave's favorite, chicken fried steak, hashbrown casserole and eggs. He also got a chicken biscuit on the site, apparently that was one of the first things that was on the menu at the cafe.
Dave's breakfast
I was going to order Dylan a waffle, even though they didn't have one on the kids menu, but the waitress told me that the waffle were huge so I just ordered Dylan the kids pancakes. The pancakes were huge! Two pancakes the size of a dinner plate! I can't imagine the waffle would have been that much bigger.  I ordered the BBQ omelet and so did Andrew. I thought it was OK, not my favorite breakfast I've ever had, there wasn't much BBQ sauce on the meat and it was just kind of bland overall. Nina had biscuits and gravy and I think that was pretty good. Dave loved his meal too. I would certainly go back and eat there again. The biscuits and jam were excellent and I am sure other menu options are very good as well. The Loveless Cafe is certainly a destination worth the trip.

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  1. I'm British and this might sound a little nus but I just can't work out what "biscuits" are. They look like bread rolls to me... or maybe scones?
    Here biscuits are flat and crispy like cookies. I've been bewildered for years...