Monday, May 2, 2011

The Marathon

I'd like to start off this post by saying how proud I am of Dave for accomplishing his goal and completing his marathon. It was an emotional day for both of us, it was unbelieveable seeing him reach his goal. He worked so hard for the past few months getting ready for the race, dealing with knee and hip issues, for someone who is normally in excellent shape the injuries really took a toll on him. But he did it! And now he's talking about running another marathon. That I'm not so excited about, see, I like to see him occasionally and when he's training for a marathon I don't get to see him as much :) Selfish, I know.

We did have a great weekend in Nashville. We made it to Andrews parents (where we were staying) around 3pm and settled in. Dylan loved playing with Brandon and Andrew and the 6 dogs that were there! Dave and Andrew went to the Expo to pick up their race bibs and meet up with their Fleet Feet training group for dinner.

On Saturday we all got an early start to our day. The race started at 7am and the guys had to leave around 6am to get there on time. They started in corral 15 which had them paced at 10 minute miles. Since there were almost 30,000 people running the full & 1/2 marathon Dave and Andrew started at about 7:20am. We saw them first around 8:40am at mile 8. Andrew came over the hill first and Dave followed a few minutes later.

dave mm8

And then at mile 16



Looking over to the race finish area by LP Field


Andrew coming down to the finish line!

Dave making his way to the finish smiling the whole way!


finish 2

finish 3

Dave and Dylan after the race.
dave and dyl

Way to go Dave!!

To see more race photos check out Ham Towne's Flickr stream

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  1. Whoa! And to think I'm nervous about running a 5k... Go Dave!