Friday, May 27, 2011

My favorite salad

When we lived in Florida my friend Kate and I would get salad from a little restaurant down the street from where we worked. They had an AMAZING greek salad, but my favorite was the strawberry salad. Luckily it's super easy to make at home too. And since strawberries are in season now, it's the perfect time to make it. Here's a basic recipe for the salad, this recipe is for a single salad, but you can certainly play around with the amounts for your liking.

Strawberry salad with feta and cashews
2 c. salad greens (I like romaine)
2 tbs. feta cheese
2 tbs. cashews
1 c. sliced strawberries
1 tbs. red onion
2 tbs. balsamic vinegarette or poppy seed dressing

Mix it all up! You could also add grilled chicken to make this a meal. Enjoy and have a great weekend!


  1. Thanks for that recipe. Strawberries are on sale here and I love all those ingredients. Think I'll try it.

  2. Carolyn, it's great, you will love it! Thanks for the cookies you sent for Dylan! He was so excited to open the box and see what was inside. He had a cookie after dinner last night and loved it!