Thursday, April 22, 2010

Birthday dinner

Today would be Marvin's 63rd birthday. We are going to celebrate it by going to our favorite mexican restaurant, Chez Guavara. Marvin had taken us there a few times when he & Carolyn would visit and loved their margaritas as much as we do, so we decided Chez Guavara would be the place to go. We've also invited a few friends to go with us to dinner, in true Marvin style, everytime he & Carolyn would visit he would always ask if we wanted to invite friends to dinner. Dave is the same way, whenever we go anywhere, he's always calling someone to see if they want to come along with us.
Tonight should be a good time for all of us to share stories, since everyone that's coming had met Marvin multiple times, that's what he would want, for us to be out having fun on his birthday, that's what he would be doing. He lived everyday to the fullest and enjoyed every minute, he knew he was on borrowed time. I guess we are all on borrowed time, WE have to remember to seize the day. Carpe diem

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