Monday, April 19, 2010

Thanks a lot Home Depot

Dave picked the D-man up from daycare today and I met them at Home Depot so we could get plants for our garden. I was hoping to get a few varities of tomatoes, a red pepper, jalapino, basil, asparagus and seeds for peas, cantaloupe, lettuce and spinich. We had no problem finding the seeds, but there were no jalapino, red (or green for that matter) pepper or asparagus plants. Also, there were only a few varieties of tomato plants. I was pretty disappointed, I would have thought the Depot would have had quite a few different plants. Usually we go to Mayo Garden Center, but they close at 6pm (I know, who closes at 6pm? in a retail business) so we couldn't make it. So if you are planning on still getting plants this year I wouldn't recommend the Depot for your plant buying.

In other news Melea and I are going bridesmaid dress shopping on Wednesday after work, I'm pretty excited about that although I have some work to do if I want to look decent in the dress...

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