Thursday, April 22, 2010

Dusty blue

Last night Melea and I went bridesmaid dress shopping. I am lucky to be one of the chosen few to be bridesmaid in her and Bob's wedding this September. The first issue we had to tackle was the color of the dress. Melea has a very specific blue in her mind for the color of the dresses and other aspects of the wedding. For a while she wasn't sure it existed, but then she found some ribbon in that bluish gray color and realized that it was indeed something that maybe a dress or other wedding related paraphanalia could be found in. After looking through a few books of color swatches we finally agreed that dusty blue was indeed more of the correct blue than cloudy or any of the other blue variations we saw. After finding the color it was time to try on dresses from Forever Yours, since that is the designer who hold the perfect color of blue. The first dress I tried on was in taupe, really taupe, who has bridesmaid dresses in taupe and friends that look good in taupe? It did have pockets though, but as Melea commented the pleats on the front looked like garage doors, maybe in another color it would have been better. Here's a photo, obviously not of me, or the dress in taupe because then NO ONE would buy it.

The second dress I tried on was another strapless dress, sweetheart neckline in clover. I love green, so the color was much better and I think it would look good in dusty blue too. The dresses below are two-tone, which we wouldn't get, but the pleating is cute around the middle and bust and the dress looks good on. Luckily we all don't have to get the same dress, just the same color and fabric.

This dress dress was super cute on the hanger and black (really because most dress look good in black as we all know). But when I tried it on it looked like a city skyline on my chest. I think you need to be really skinny and have big boobs for this one. Unfortunately I have neither...

I tried on a few other dresses, but kept coming back to the green one with the slight pleating. I think there are some other stores in K-town that carry the Forever Yours line, so we're going to have to see what they have to try on as well. I'm hoping that I have another month or so at least before I have to order the dress. My weight loss is going along pretty good, but any additional pounds I can loose before I have to order the dress will be great and hopefully lead to less alterations when the dress comes in!

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