Monday, April 19, 2010

Perfect roast chicken

I am a huge fan of Anthony Bourdain. Every week we DVR No Reservations, I can't wait until I have the opportunity to travel to Sardina and Provance. All I want to do when I get to these places is go from cafe to cafe trying all the wonderful food! The last episode of No Reservations we watched was on cooking techniques. I like to think that I have watched enough Food Network and read enough blogs to know what I'm doing in the kitchen, I can take a backbone out of a chicken, I can chop things to the desired size without cutting my fingers off and follow just about any recipe and have it turn out. Dave, not so much. He does a great job grilling and he used to be a wonderful omlette maker, but that's pretty much where things end for him. It is well known that he cuts himself rather frequently with knives and other sharp objects and about 5 years ago stabbed himself in the leg with a pocket knife as he was trying to saw a limb off our Christmas tree while it was resting on his leg.
SO...I thought he might be able to learn something from this show. It was a really good episode and I even learned a few things. One of the segments of the show that Dave loved was how to roast a whole chicken. I've roasted whole chicken before, it's not that hard. I have a great recipe from Ina Garten that works great. Dave, however seems to have forgotten this because when I made the whole roast chicken last night he thought it was the best thing ever. I can't say it turned out any differently than before when I've make them, but Dave was sure it had. I think it was just because my chicken came out of the oven looking just like the one on TV.
Being a marketing person I find that pretty interesting, and seeing in my own home the effect TV can have on people and how they percieve things.

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