Friday, April 23, 2010

Trimming the bushes

It's really more like yanking out the ugly bushes in front of our porch than trimming them, at least that is the plan for this weekend. For months Dave has been talking about how he hates the bushes infront of our porch and we should get rid of them. I've been a little slow in accepting this because while I don't really like the bushes Dylan can play on the front porch with his sand and water table and no one will see him. Not that I think someone is going to come and snatch him, but it is just nice to have the privacy. We are going to replace the bushes with other smaller bushes, maybe azaelas, and then some decorative grasses for ground cover.
Here's a photo of what the front looks like now (ok, not really now, last fall, but it really looks about the same, see the huge bushes infront of the porch, those will be gone). I will post the after photo on Saturday evening or Sunday to let you know how everything goes!

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